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Still Lifes and Florals are fun because you get to create the scene to paint.  I enjoy bringing out my creative stills to design and paint what I envision.   

See the world through my eyes

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God has inspired me in my calling as an artist.  As a result, I have quite an assortment of religious paintings.  I hope you enjoy!  

Of the many garden scenes that I have painted.  I find a lot of inspiration at the local Tucson Botanical Gardens. I have brought many students here to teach them how to capture a feeling in your artwork.

- Spirit of the Southwest

I have always enjoyed painting landscapes.  I find that paining on site makes for the best landscape paintings.  You can capture the true essence and colors of your piece. 

All Pieces are sold Unmatted and Unframed

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Animals are my passion.  Every creature has its own personality that helps to make each painting unique.